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Various Artists - Gaia-Tek

Various Artists - Gaia-Tek
Typecompilation, CD


01 Pure Pressure - Split Second
02 Painkiller vs Toxic - Only The Strong
03 Neuromotor - Smoke On The Water Cover Remix (Original By Deep Purple)
04 Puzzle vs Biogenesis - Mars Attack
05 Kali - High Connection
06 Sidhartha vs Tryon - Psychedelic Celebration
07 Electric Universe - High Frequency Transmission
08 Chromatone vs Beyond - Bounce Buda
09 Plasmotek - Oqpo

Dj Solaris ,still more selective, have made a crazy balance on this cd. Trought the eyes of princess Gaia ( the earth mother in the greek mythology) you will feel a multiemotional and powerfull sound with a perfect dose of psychadelism.

This precious selection of sound & the artwork is a result of some months of work for delivering to you this masterpiece of music and art. It combines elements of nature versus futuristic technology is the conflict of your civilisation of today....and its that we will to transmit to you with this compilation... Listen the goddess cry of help before the big bang.

Inclued some of the best artists of today...This new release will again twist your brain !!!

Various Artists - Gaia-Tek: Front