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Various Artists - Get Your Wonk On

Various Artists - Get Your Wonk On
LabelSonic Dragon
Typecompilation, CD

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Zen Mechanics - Get Your Wonk On


01 Hemisync - New Method
02 Tron vs Vazik - Insane Man
03 Rastaliens - Chaos Theory
04 Touch Tone - Ammo
05 Beatnik - Balloon Tricks
06 Braincell - Total Control
07 Fractal Glider - Spherical
08 Zen Mechanics - New Propulsion Technology (Flip Flop Remix)
09 Fromem Ory - Insect Room
10 O.O.O.D. - Starseeker

"wonky" (noun) [wong-kee] ~ Crazy, loony, not quite right. a mix of bonkers and whacky or to be completely wasted, inebriated, shitfaced and very, very wobbly.

"To Wonk" (verb) [wong-k] ~ To be all of the above at once.

This compilation encapsulates the whole spectrum of the full-on morning psytrance sound; from first light twisters to late morning bliss, and is structured to take the listener on a journey from start to finish, as well as providing DJ material to rip up any dancefloor. It mixes established international artists with the cream of new UK talent. Kicking off with Hemi-Sync, solo project of one half of Flip Flop, it's funky and intricate and will definitely get your booty swinging. Tron vs Vazik is next up with a stone cold groove that draws you in and doesn't let you go until it's done, weaving in. Rastaliens ramp up the tempo with a track that cranks up the tension before letting fly with an explosive final third. Next up is Touch Tone, the other half of Flip Flop, this track kicks harder than a Chuck Norris roundhouse which it should do, because Chuck was the inspiration for this, and you can't go wrong with that! Beatnik, with releases on Nano and Liquid Records, takes it on with a track that cleverly builds and builds, layering sounds on top of each other until its brain-twisting peak. Braincell (the side project of Rastaliens' Ralph) then produce an absolute stomper, familiar and very famous samples are given fresh life and a spine-tingling breakdown and a final run. A classic Zen Mechanics track is then given the Flip Flop treatment, these guys are fast gaining a great reputation, having already played the main stage at the Glade Festival and Universo Parellelo, and are responsible for the storming remix of Eskimo on the latest Nano Records compilation, they have also just signed to Alchemy Records. They make this track their own while still retaining all the qualities of the original. Fromem_Ory learnt his craft at the infamous UK forest parties and this track oozes that atmosphere; the first sunbeams of the day coming through the trees, dust in the air and the smell of the woods; and it brings all this right onto any dancefloor or living room. Last, but by no means least, come UK pioneers OOOD, hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed album "Free Range", they give us a track that lives up to it's name, it's bouncy, floaty and downright beautiful, with an old school vibe, that will take you to far off places, with a massive smile on your face. Wherever you listen to it, this collection of tunes is guaranteed to get your wonk on! Or in the immortal words of Henry Mad Ron' Seligman: "It is the first truly bang bang lezzer disco CD I've heard in bloody ages."