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Various Artists - Global Slowdown

Various Artists - Global Slowdown
LabelTempest Recordings
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Global Slowdown


01 Red Eye Express - Vin Del Mar
02 Sunsaria feat. Lulea - Life Is A Dream
03 Potlatch - Too Many
04 Kay Nakayama - Cast Away
05 The Nun Project feat. Hideyo Blackmoon - Tears Of Joy
06 Stickleback - Jilted
07 Arcane Trickster - Forever (Red Eye Express Remix)
08 Sunsaria vs Wind Up Toys - Revolutionary
09 Rip Van Hippy - Drums Of Mer
10 Arcane Trickster vs Terra Nine - Dub Atomica
11 Sunsaria - Interstellar Filtersweep (Wind Up Toys Remix)
12 Zero Cult - Desolation
13 Side Liner - Fading Life
14 Hesius Dome vs Omm Squad - Pluma Bianca

14 Previously unreleased tracks from well known artists with a pedigree of releases on some of the top labels in the scene. Many of the artists are playing live regularly & already have strong radio & media support. Launch gigs & promotional events planned for "Global Slowdown" to be held in Auckland New Zealand, Athens Greece & Melbourne Australia.

Various Artists - Global Slowdown: Front
Various Artists - Global Slowdown: Back
Various Artists - Global Slowdown: Back 2
Various Artists - Global Slowdown: Inside
Various Artists - Global Slowdown: Inside 2