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Various Artists - Globalize 2

Various Artists - Globalize 2
LabelFlow Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Embark - Globalize Vol 2


01 Harper & Green - Lifetime
02 Antix vs Embark - Hammers & Tongs
03 Nivoastro - Cordi
04 Yotopia & Nasser - Symbiosis
05 Elegant Universe & Domestic - Slope Point
06 Comrade - Crystal Clear
07 4D - Slag
08 Brisker & Magitman - Complex
09 Bjorn Mandry & Thomas Gold - Suppress You

Compiled by Dayan and John (Yotopia Djs)

After the tremendous success of Globalize's first chapter, Dayan and John are called once again to keep the groove on, always based on Flow's high quality standards.We are proud to present here the perfect DJ tool, blending various genres of dance music, creating a magical journey that is based on unpredictability, just like Dayan and John's DJ sets on stages and festivals all throughout the world.

Globalize Vol. 2 is filled with progressive trance atmospheres combined with techno, prog house and electro moments, keeping it always dancefloor orientated.

For progressive and psychedelic minds!

Various Artists - Globalize 2: Front