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Various Artists - Goa 14

Various Artists - Goa 14
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 The Melovskys - Psychedelic Cowboy
02 Meller - Fatboy (Rinkadink Remix)
03 Voice Of Cod - Its Just A Ride (Zuloop Remix)
04 Gataka - Weired 60's Experience
05 Z-Machine vs Magnetica - Inner Mind
06 Dark Soho - Fairy Tales
07 Freakulizer - Choose It Or Lose It
08 One Million Dollar - Sleepless
09 Azax Syndrom - Unconcious Mind
10 S.U.N. Project - Slomanco

01 Spectra - Split
02 DNA - Subatomic
03 Visual Contact - Dreamland
04 Khetzal feat. DJ Zen - Anamatha
05 Alex Stealthy - Whacked-Out (Liquid Soul's Mix)
06 Beckers - Switch
07 Wizzy Noise - Mind Bending
08 Fractal Glider - Neurological
09 Vibe Tribe - Liberation

Beckers - Switch

All I really want is You
Not just a glamour boy
Don't tell me what i got to do
I'm not your party toy
I know, that I'm a kind of bitch
And I like to destroy
But now, it's really time to SWITCH
I give you endless joy'

Vibe Tribe - Liberation

"Many young people, lacking secure belief, but living secure lives, felt a spiritual dimension was lacking. For them, this bus came to symbolize psychedelic liberation."

"I believe that with the advent of Acid we discovered a new way to think, and it had to do with piecing together new thoughts in your mind... That were using new images together in a way that jarred the mind and produced images that were latent in our consciousness."

Various Artists - Goa 14: Front