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Various Artists - Goa 15

Various Artists - Goa 15
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 X-Noize feat. Tom C. - Let Yourself Go
02 DMMT - Africa Bombastic
03 Aerospace - Space Odyssey
04 The Vision - In My Dream
05 U-Recken - The Other Side (Visual Paradox Edit)
06 Psycraft feat. Brad Sucks - Borderline Remix
07 In R Voice - Killahertz
08 DMMT - Passion
09 Radical Distortion vs Mendark - Purple Energy
10 Mindelight - Morning Light

01 Freelander - Sundance
02 4 Winds Circle vs Electric Universe - 4 Tune Circle
03 Space Cat - Shake & Freeze
04 Z-Man - Vamos Carbon
05 Behind Blue Eyes - Excerpts From Dreams
06 Andromeda - Mind Bender
07 Ticon - Chicken Shaker
08 Tri-Force - Spectral Breeze
09 Time Lock - 10,000 Fahrenheit
10 Forza & Smuhg - Fighting Back

The megaseller goes into round15!

Volume 15 is another killer edition. Top labels Hommeag, BNE, Iboga and Compact as well as the latest newcomer producers make this top selling title another must for every fan! This compilation does not need any more words!

X-Noize feat. Tom C. - Let Yourself Go

"Everybody makes the wrong mistakes
Day in day out, it all feels the same
You always put your head inside the sand
So follow me, I'll make you understand

You gotta free your soul
Gotta let yourself go
Let the electric beat flow

You gotta feel the soul
You gotta let yourself go
Let the electric beat flow"

Various Artists - Goa 15: Front