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Various Artists - Goa 17

Various Artists - Goa 17
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Optokoppler - Hamburg City
02 Dejavoo - Follow This
03 Cycle Sphere - The Final Boom
04 F.F.T - Baraka
05 Toast3d - Feel My Drums
06 Liquid Phase - Realisem
07 Synsun - Prelude
08 Psyside - Return To Reality
09 S.U.N. Project - Zwork (C.O.N. Sequencer Remix 2006)
10 The Vision - Brunnen-g

01 Ovnimoon - High Nrg (Divinidad Remix)
02 Frogacult - All Seasons
03 Percussion Bullet - Revulsion (Alegro Mix)
04 Volu-men - Die Bahn (Exclusive Track)
05 Ibojima - Organic Visions
06 Dropdead Gorgeous - Memories
07 Psypsiq Jicuri - Historia De Un Sueno
08 Vibe Tribe - Lfobia
09 Lani - Lost In Venice
10 DNA - Shushu The Fox

The unstoppable GOA Series goes into round No.17! The series is the most sought after, the most re-printed series in our catalogue with a steady growing fan-base. It is virtually flying of the shelves and we have intention to stop. Again, compiled by DJ Miraculix, it does exactly what it says on the tin. GOA at its best with exclusive material by S.U.N. Project, THE Vision and Volu-MEN as well as brand new material by the likes of Frogacult, Cycle Sphere and Vibe Tribe.

DNA - Shushu The Fox

When the states of consciousness are altered, there is loss of senses and reality. Some people feel are so disconnected, some people feel they can fly...

From a documentary 'Illegal Drugs 3-LSD,XTZ & The Raves'

Various Artists - Goa 17: Front