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Various Artists - Goa 18

Various Artists - Goa 18
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Holymen - The Last Universe (End All Remix)
02 Dizzy Mind - They Don't sleep
03 Borderline - After Shock
04 Indra - Man On The Moon
05 Intersys - Dreams
06 Mantrix - Gaia
07 Dark Nebula - Parallel Universe
08 DarkPsy - Stress
09 Dari Sana - Cheenga Port
10 E-Mantra - Liquid Frequency

01 Mike A - Alabaster Angel
02 Echotek - Iron Man
03 Prahlad - Meditation
04 Ion - Color Space
05 Space Buddha - Land Of The Wolves (2006 Version)
06 Ace Ventura - Cardiac Arrest (Aerospace Remix)
07 Freq - Stone Shaker
08 Mood Deluxe - Zeitgeist (Naked Weapon Remix)
09 Mantrix - Free Your Soul
10 Nemesis Devine feat. Kamasutrance - Ran Gi La

Territory Restrictions: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, South Africa, Hong Kong and Australia.

The World's leading GOA-Compilation goes into round 18 and we have no further comments to make. With another exclusive track by DARI SANA and leading acts such as INTERSYS, FREQ, ECHOTEC as well as lots of pearls of the Underground, this compilation is solid as a rock and was build to last!


Dark Nebula - Parallel Universe

'Just when you thought it was safe to explore the universe.'

'Parallel universe.'

'Start the countdown prepare yourselves for the ride of your life. Let's ROCK! I wanna rock.'

'There is a universe in all of us.'