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Various Artists - Goa 5

Various Artists - Goa 5
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Intro - Alien Eyeland 2002
02 Perplex - Empty Hand (The Vision Remix)
03 Audialize - G-String
04 Deviant Species - Beaver Inverter (Scorb Remix)
05 Tara In Project - Deep Inside
06 Penta - Leave In A Message
07 Fractal Glider - Things That Go Bump In The Night
08 Man With No Name - Cocoon
09 Melicia - Illusion Quest
10 The Vision - Trance Express

01 S.A.O.M - Each of us
02 Cosma - People on hold
03 S-Range - Test tones
04 C.O.N. Sequencer - Fashion
05 Total Eclipse - Technophobia
06 Space Cat - Metalizer
07 Membrana - 2F sugar cubes
08 Manibus - Liquid energy
09 Evil Drug Lords - Climax
10 Star-X - Sunset in Sao Paulo

Melicia - Illusion Quest

"Now, what you've seen here is the evolution of populations, not so much the evolution of individuals. In addition, if you look at the timescale involved: two billion years for life, six million for the hominid, a hundred thousand years for mankind as we know it." @ 2:22

From the movie 'Waking Life'

Waking Life

Cosma - People On Hold

'25, 24, 23, 22 ...'

From the movie 'Mission Impossible II

Mission Impossible 2

S-Range - Test Tones

Are we the first to arrive here?

lf everything's ready here on the dark side of the moon...

Okay, watch the skies, please.

We now show uncorrelated targets approaching from the north-northwest.

All departments at operational during this phase...

...signify by beeping twice.

Play the five tones.

On the shape of us wear.

Cause maybe you wouldn't even know what was true, you've seen it all for yourself.

From the movie 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Various Artists - Goa 5: Front