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Various Artists - Goa Beach 11

Various Artists - Goa Beach 11
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Positive Thought & Active Audio - Trouser
02 Egorythmia - Not following gravitation
03 Kularis - 12Volt.dc
04 Neelix - Voices (Kularis Remix)
05 Jaia - Epsilon (Flegma & Nerso Remix)
06 Solar Spectrum - Illusion
07 Bbe vs Motion Drive - Thrilled Version 2
08 Rocky - City Lights (Manuel Duego Remix)
09 True Lies - Acoustic Mode

01 Waterjuice - Back to Ibiza
02 Daydin - Lost in translation
03 Jaia - Epsilon (Tesseract Remix)
04 Chronos - Sacral Meetings
05 Setsuna - The Six Subtleties
06 Overflow - Scintilla
07 Obsidian Projekt - Out of body
08 Fanni J. - Mm Mm Mm (Bahana, Timm Liesegang Chorus Mix)
09 Senzar - Finsteraarhorn (Dedicated to Dennis. R.I.P)

The popular Goa Beach series is adding another chapter to its successful history coming up with Goa Beach Vol. 11! Sexy and progressive Goa Trance on disc 1 and extraordinary Chill Out on disc 2.

The freshest most wanted tunes by the likes of Neelix, Liquid Soul, Rocky, Daydin, Jaja, Bahana or Setsuna create a wonderful journey into the endlessness cosmos of electronic music.

Over 140 minutes of unparalleled music await you. Goa Beach Vol. 11 is all you need for your spring!

All in all a pure power package that can't be missed!

Various Artists - Goa Beach 11: Front