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Various Artists - Goa Beach 2

Various Artists - Goa Beach 2
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Soul Surfer - Sexophone
02 Casui - Air On The String
03 Andromeda - Eyelipse
04 Sonnenvakuum - Situation
05 Blue Vortex - Nimlies Snowparty
06 Freq - Carbon Based Lifeform
07 Chris Pointdexter - Darkness (Ticon)
08 Son Kite - Game & Watch
09 Silent Sphere & Cosma - Moving
10 Cosmic Tone - No Limit

01 Ten Madison - One Day On Ibizah
02 Abakus - Nightwalker
03 Mantra Man - Shivai
04 Drum Druids - Last Summer Dub
05 Angel Tears - Ishka
06 Max Melvin - Sometimes
07 Vibrasphere - San Pedro (Low Sky Remix)
08 Ott - Jack's Cheese And Bread Snack
09 Detson Engineering - Lowland
10 Sandspider - Late
11 Sandspider - Small Town Hasslesir

Abakus - Nightwalker

'Go ahead George light it up", "Ahh.. I couldn't do that, umm I got enough problems with the booze n all, I mean I couldn't afford to get hooked."

"Cumon, you won't get hooked."

From the movie 'Easy Rider'

Easy Rider

Vibrasphere - San Pedro (Low Sky Remix)

'Bienvenidos a San Pedro. Lo invitamos a ponerse comodo. Despojarse de sus miedos, y entregarse a este halucinante encuentro. San Pedro.'

(Welcome to San Pedro. Make yourself comfortable. Undress your fears, and give yourself to this hallucinating encounter. San Pedro.)

Ott - Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack

'One: All composite phenomena are impermanent. Two: Al contaminated things and events are unsatisfactory. Three: All phenomena are empty and selfless. And four: Nirvana is true peace.'


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