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Various Artists - Goa Beach 4

Various Artists - Goa Beach 4
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Liquid Soul - Born In A New World (Symphonix Remix)
02 Behind Blue Eyes - Brumbasse
03 Flowjob - Have Fun and Survive
04 Pion - Retrospective
05 Greed - Rolling Hills (Shilo Remix)
06 Liquid Soul - Transmission
07 Aerospace - Earth
08 Vibrasphere - Emotional Fugitive
09 Andromeda - La Maquina

01 En Voice - Impressions
02 Violet Vision - Heaven
03 Oforia - Private Moon
04 S.U.N. Project - The Mission
05 Brisker & Magitman - Frozen Tears
06 Kaya Project - Ghasi Ram Blues
07 Cell - Idea Spiral
08 Ibojima - Caps Of Ambience
09 Andromeda - Zen Meditation
10 Chang Chong Hui - The Other Side

Goa Beach has been voted 'the sexiest Goa Compilation on the Planet' and this series has developed into a steady seller with all Volumes still in high demand!

Volume 4 is another stunning journey through the world of sexy progressive Trance and the finest Chill Out on CD2! Volume 4 was compiled by Alexander Ligowski and the French Label Turbo Trance, a guaranty for quality! The progressive CD1 presents the freshest cuts from Sensifeel, Symphonix, Jaja, Aerospace and Flowjob. CD2 offers the most beautifull chill out tracks and perfect soundtrack for your after hour with Manmademan, AES Dana, Violet Vision and many more!

Various Artists - Goa Beach 4: Front