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Various Artists - Goa Classix 3

LabelGlobal Trance Network
Typecompilation, CD


01 Zodiac Youth - Devil's Circus (Elysium mix)
02 Jupiter 8000 - Saturn
03 Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Bug
04 Hallucinogen - Horrorgram
05 Green Nuns of the Revolution - Conflict
06 Shakta - The Future Is Now
07 Chi-A.D. - Pathfinder
08 Atmos - Bad Lieutenant
09 S.U.N. Project - Casio-Paya

Atmos - Bad Lieutenant

'He was involved in possibly narcotics or drug activities. He was known carrying hand guns, he was known to carry large amounts of cash, that he was underworld figures and there was any number of things that could possibly happen to him.'