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Various Artists - Goa Culture

Various Artists - Goa Culture
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Tegma - In all ears
02 Waveguide - Vibrasphere
03 Maelstrom - The Bomb
04 Anton Chernikov - Nightmare
05 Liquid Soul - Sweet Things
06 Ritree - The Cycle
07 John 00 Fleming - Nervous Breakdown
08 Ace Ventura - M.A.R.S (Gaudium Remix)
09 Slider & Sub6 - Subslider

01 Astral Projection - One
02 Fatali - Thoughts
03 Ovnimoon - U R God
04 Tristan - Depends on you (AMD Remix)
05 Wizzy Noise & Domi Pastor - Wizzdom
06 X-Noize - Gangster
07 Maxx vs Voyager - Boogie Woogie
08 Electric Universe - Psyco Acoustics
09 Atma - The tomes of power
19 Chakra & Liquid Metal - Resurrectio

Compiled by John 00 Fleming!

Few people can claim to have been at the pinnacle of their profession for a sustained period of time, having enjoyed so much success and still be leading the way forward.

John 00 Fleming, one of the dance music industry's most revered personalities, is amongst a small band of people who can say they were responsible for igniting the spark of the scene we all know and love today.

GOA Culture Vol.1 is carefully selected by the man himself and rest assured that he picked only tunes that you're desperately looking for.

CD 1 contains 9 progressive groove movers featuring big names like Vibrasphere, ACE Ventura, Liquid Soul and of course a wonderful track by John 00 Fleming.

CD 2 is more banging full on stuff and contains legendary Artists like Chakra, Astral Projection and Electric Universe.

All in all a pure power package that can't be missed!

Various Artists - Goa Culture: Front