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Various Artists - Goa Generation

Various Artists - Goa Generation
LabelAgitato Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Cyber Cartel - Goa Generation


01 Space Buddha - Isradelic
02 Toast3d - Slayer
03 Cyber Cartel - Fragile mind
04 Bamboo Forest - Modeled waveform synthesis
05 Spinal Cord - Kill the groove
06 Opium Of The Masses - True reality
07 Electric Universe - Def con
08 Beat Hackers - End of session
09 Bio Tonic - We are snakes

By the power granted to us by Goa timeless existence, we are ready to reveal the true Goa experience. For all Goa trance lovers, touched by the Goa bug, 9 previously unreleased tracks, that creating the original Goa atmosphere.

Space Buddha, Bamboo Forest, Electric Universe, Beat Hackers & Cyber Cartel among the others leading the Goa generations. Goa Generation will trigger an amazing flashback from your past & will grant a preview into you future.

Various Artists - Goa Generation: Front