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Various Artists - Goa Head 23

Various Artists - Goa Head 23
LabelLeguan Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Elec3 & Psynina - Stardust
02 Mad Contrabender - Reedemer (Live Mix)
03 Ibojima - Berzerk
04 Optokoppler - Massive
05 Genetic Noise feat. DJ Bim - Go Up
06 Black and White - Music Is A Place Of Home
07 Astrix - Oranda (Final Mix)
08 Astrix feat. Michele Adamson - Closer To Heaven
09 Tulk - Psy Love

01 Galactika - Blue Velvet
02 N.O.K. - Moon Voices
03 Aerospace - Space Odyssey
04 Sensifeel - Olympics
05 Soul Surfer - Water World (Andromeda Remix)
06 Dualnok - Human Form
07 Earsugar - Foretaste (Symphonix Remix)
08 Human Traffic - Laughing Guys With Titts
09 Yotopia - Blue Moon

Astrix feat. Michele Adamson - Closer To Heaven

"You're going up up up up up with me,
I'm going to take it to sky where we will be,
Just listen to my voice and follow me,
I'll make you happy now and you will see..."

"It's a beautiful sky and I'm ready to fly
Take me away you are the sound that I hear
Every day and every way
You bring me closer to heaven"