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Various Artists - Goa Sound System 8

Various Artists - Goa Sound System 8
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Alter Breed - Back In Black
02 Maelstrom feat. Liquid Soul - React
03 Brain Damage - Voice
04 Symphonix - Paradise (Brisker And Magitman Remix)
05 Klopfgeister - A Tribute To Etnica
06 Ace Ventura vs Liquid Soul - Psychic Experience
07 Fatali - Fatali
08 Oforia - Return Of The Machines (Echotek Remix)
09 M-Sphere - Waiting All The Time

01 Strike Twice - Point Of Life
02 Digital Efx - Quite Please
03 Hyperion - Dynamite Dude
04 Overlap - Power System
05 Delirious & Astrix - Solaris Pt.3
06 Psy Craft & X-Noize - Take Control (Remake)
07 Audio-X - And We Survive
08 Life Style - Think About That One
09 Ibojima - Mekatropian Sunrise

The Goa Sound System goes into round 8!

This time compiled by DJ Chris-a-Nova, one of the leading DJs in Berlin who is well known for his show on Chromanova Radio.

18 chosen tracks with a variety from Progressive to Full On building a comfortable Jorney through the wider spectrum of psychedelic music culture. The hottest tracks by Oforia, Ace Ventura, Klopfgeister, Fatali or Symphonix plus two unreleased pearls by Digital FX and Ibojima on top.

Various Artists - Goa Sound System 8: Front