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Various Artists - Goa Sound System

Various Artists - Goa Sound System
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 S:O:N:U:S - Reisefieber
02 Volldampf - Abflug (Phonatic Remix)
03 Haldolium - Be Real
04 Atomic Pulse - Vision Quest
05 Genetic Spin - Lowrider
06 Oryx - Mount neverest
07 Asarualim - Was steht Ihr herum?
08 Visual Paradox - Fly With Angels
09 SBK - Retro

01 Astrix & Atomic Pulse - Scientific Reality
02 Space Tribe - R U Enlightened?
03 Self Flush - 432.1
04 Astral Projection - Anything Is Possible
05 Huevos De Campo - Fledermausland
06 Herbal Essence - Waverider
07 Dooper Doopler - Confused
08 Double Dragon - Shine
09 Sesto Sento - Sentomental

Astrix & Atomic Pulse - Scientific Reality

'Is there some disco fans in here tonite?'

'lt's beautiful. lt's like liquid. lt slides all over everything. Comes up in waves. Wave after wave after wave... l never told anybody. But this ship knew about it. lt knows my fears. lt knows my secrets. Gets inside your head, and it shows you. Look, if what Dr Weir tells us is true, this ship has been beyond the boundaries of our universe, of known scientific reality.'

Second from the movie 'Event Horizon'

Event Horizon

Astral Projection - Anything is Possible

- "I don't know the future." @ 4:09
- "It's the only way to fly." @ 4:23
- "I'm going to show them a world." @ 4:56
- "A world without rules and controls ... a world without borders or boundaries." @ 5:10
- "I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin." @ 5:45
- "A world where anything is possible." @ 6:01

From the movie 'Matrix'


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