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Various Artists - Goa Trance 2

Various Artists - Goa Trance 2
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Aero Link - Cloudwalk
02 Intergalactic - The Future
03 Joti Sidhu - New Sensations
04 Oforia - Substance
05 Son Kite - The Stars Within Us (Dino Psaras Remix)
06 Fatali - Mind & Soul
07 Electro Sun & Brain Damage - Hypnotic Voices
08 Pixel - Happy Lepsia
09 Ion - Goblin city

01 Ananda Shake - Make Me Shake
02 Electro Sun - Fucking Music
03 Mahamudra - Metal Ethnic
04 Psynina - Stop That Killing
05 Psypsiq Jicuri - Encuentro Cercano
06 Psytrain - Indigo
07 Rumble Pack - Simulated Roadmap
08 Smuhg - Aliena
09 Mandylion - Monastary Of Sound

Intergalactic - The Future

'Please do not be alarmed. Remain calm. Do not attempt to leave the dancefloor. The DJ booth was conduction a troubleshoot test of the entire system. This is only a test...'

Pixel - Happy Lepsia

And now on the 21st Century, it's time to stand up and realize, that we should NOT allow ourselves to be crammed into this rat maze.We should not SUBMIT to dehumanization.

I'm concerned with the structure. I'm concerned with the systems of control. Those that control my life, and those that seek to control it EVEN MORE! I want FREEDOM! That's what I want, and that's what YOU should want!

it's gonna be the age of humankind, standing up for something PURE and something RIGHT! What a bunch of garbage, liberal, Democratic, conservative, Republican, it's all there to control you, two sides of the same coin! Two management teams, bidding for control of the CEO job of Slavery Incorporated! The TRUTH is out there in front of you, but they lay out this buffet of LIES! I'm SICK of it, and I'M NOT GONNA TAKE A BITE OUT OF IT! DO YA GOT ME?

From the movie 'Waking life'

Waking Life

Ion - Goblin city

'Through dangers untold and hardships un-numbered, I have fought my way to the castle beyond the goblin city, to take back the child that you have stolen.'

From the movie 'The Labyrinth'

Labyrinth (1986)

Rumble Pack - Simulated Roadmap

"'Cryonization - a journey of reawakening ... preservation of the human body at extremely low temperatures.'
'They laughed at Jules Verne too. You are not ...'" @ 0:24

From the movie 'Vanilla Sky'

Vanilla Sky

Various Artists - Goa Trance 2: Front