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Various Artists - Goa Trance 6

Various Artists - Goa Trance 6
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 U-Recken - Bad Dreams
02 Quantum - Time Is My Enemy
03 System Nipel - Absolute Trancelucent
04 Etic - Wishes (In-Panic Remix)
06 Quantum - Janata Express
07 Shagma vs Phonic Request - In Deep And Dance
08 Narcophone - Deja Vu
09 Phonic Request - Phonic Request

01 Mummerah - Amon Ra
02 Tranan - Preacher Boy (Silicon Sound Remix)
03 Rumble Pack - Pitch Reality
04 Neelix - Taxidriver
05 Vaishiyas - Mute You
06 Sonnenvakuum - Vibez
07 Behind Blue Eyes - Brumbasse (Flowjob Remix)
08 Human Traffic - Gameless
09 Peter Gun vs Taucher - Uberflieger

Neelix - Taxidriver

"It was about, 6 fifteen in the morning, I`m drunk,and I`m high and I`m in Chicago.. And i walk to the corner to hail the cab, after 5 cabs pass me bye, one finally stopped. He was midwesturn working class kind a guy, u know the type,so anyway i jumped in and say "hyatt regency pls", and he looked it me like I was crazy,and said where? Down town? and I said, yeahh..."

"Now, the whole way down to the [High End?] as we pulled up and I paid my fare. The cabby turns around with a curious grin and asking me: Where're you going?" And I grab by [bag?] records and I look back ahead and I say: "Brother.... I'm going to work..."

Various Artists - Goa Trance 6: Front