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Various Artists - Goa Tribes

Various Artists - Goa Tribes
LabelTranslunar Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Elec3 & Psynina - Stardust
02 Brain Damage - Flux
03 Cosmic Station - Phat Cuttz (N.O.K. Remix)
04 DNA - No Good (Start The Dance)
05 Bizzare Contact - Peaches On The Moon
06 Gataka vs Perplex - Down To Earth
07 Orbital Vision - Blackout
08 Ibojima - Alcaloids From Here
09 Cyber Cartel - Majestic

01 Galactika - Beyond Reality
02 Pixel vs Wrecked Machines - Real Pimp Never Gets Caught (Silicon Sound Remix)
03 Neelix - No Way To Leave
04 Manmademan - Halt Production (Silicon Sounds Remix)
05 Yahel - Butterfly (Delirious Remix)
06 Aerospace vs Sunseek - Restoring Normality
07 Aerospace - Minority
08 Decoy - Pio Pio
09 Ace Ventura - Rebirth

Goa Tribes is a brand new concept on Transluanar Ltd. (distributed by Y.S.E.). It is a fantastic two hour journey through the world of progressive Goa Trance and Full On Goa Trance, the perfect package for your party!

CD1 is "full on in your face" psychedelic Goa Trance with the finest acts such as SILICON SOUND, DELIRIOUS, INTERSYS and GATAK, the currently most popular acts on the scene.

CD2 surprises with progressive vibes, led by ACE VENTURA, SYMPHONIX, NEELIX and DECOY.

This compilation is of very high quality and has been carefully selected, it gives you the finest, up-to-date music over 2 hours!

Orbital Vision - Blackout

"You welcome the sound. Infact, its the sound that sets you free. You are clean on those blocks until the sound sets you free. Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you set?"

From the movie 'Man On Fire'

Various Artists - Goa Tribes: Front