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Various Artists - Goaland

Various Artists - Goaland
LabelMK Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Goaland


01 Rastaliens - Space Addicted
02 Markayn - My Love
03 Slackjoint - Puke Soaked Clothes
04 Sunny Cloud - Hardamp
05 Exaile vs Delysid - Putadelay
06 Freak System - No Tank
07 Peace Ka - Celebro
08 Dust In Face - Vaccino
09 Dandy Prod. - Proggy Imagine
10 Metroyd - Brother

Dreams come true... With the 7th edition of GOALAND, the trance event born in 2003 at STAR CITY - BOLOGNA, one of the most acclaimed massive indoor location in Italy.

The Project comes to life thanks to MARKAYN, label founder, organizer,producer and DJ - from the drive to create a record label with emerging international artists and home-grown ones.
To seal the grand opening of the studio and the official birth of MK RECORDS, coming at you is GOALAND 2008, the first international trance festival of the season according to MUSHROOM MAGAZINE.

The compilation wants to pay tribute to this important event through the presence on the GOALAND stage and on the tracklist of highly respected artists such as RASTALIENS, EXAILE, SLACK JOINT, DELISYD joining forces with MARKAYN, METROYD, SUNNY CLOUD, PEACE KA, DANDY PROD. and DUST IN FACE, some of the most famous Italian artists, to kick of a new season filled with great collaborations.GOALAND is a propelling compilation, powered by youthful sonar emissions, a fresh mix of sunshine for the all the party people out there.Dancefloor is ready...

The tribe is celebrating... the music playing...GOALAND is ON !