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Various Artists - God Save The Machine

Various Artists - God Save The Machine
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - God Save The Machine


01 Raja Ram & Lucas - Intro
02 Eat Static & Lucas - Primative Earthlings
03 Tristan & Lucas - Porcupine
04 Dickster & Lucas - Living Dangerously
05 Laughing Buddha & Lucas - Binary Bonanza
06 Aphid Moon vs Lucas - We Are Your Friend
07 Hallucinogen & Lucas - Pipeworm
08 Queens Park Derangers - Create A Hippy
09 Prometheus & Lucas - Nerve Centre
10 Sybarite - Liquid Lunched

WOW we love this! This album has been a long time coming. Our Tip DJ and Raja Ram's right hand man, Lucas has given us the album we have dreamed of for a long time. He has got together with all the best UK Psy Trance prodcers and put together an album that can only have been done in the UK. It feels a bit like classic Old School Tip but with new ideas and production. Really forward thinking, deep, mature and very psychedelic!

There are many highlights to pick from. With Hallucinogen they have given us a very contemporary edge. It sounds like a more psychedelic 'Trent Moller' The Eat Static track is also a very up front sound with electro and techno influences. The Prometheus is a master class in sound dynamics...very soulful! The Dickster one packs a serious heavy weight punch and Tristan, Aphid Moon, Laughing Budha all give us some excellent, banging UK Psy flavour. Then there is our new local Psy collaboration group. The Queens Park Derrangers!

Lucas, Laughing Buddha and Aphid Moon combine to give us another killer slab of deep Trance before Lucas's band 'Sybarite' take us out with a slow, heavy, chugger that almost sounds like the old X Dream. A magnificent album and for Tip a welcomed return to a UK sound.

Prometheus & Lucas - Nerve Centre

Inside this room, all my dreams become realities, and my realities become dreams.

From the movie 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'

Various Artists - God Save The Machine: Front