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Various Artists - Grateful Dance

Various Artists - Grateful Dance
Typecompilation, CD

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Virtual Light - Grateful Dance


01 Virtual Light - Dear Human
02 Hyper Frequencies - 27 EME Parallel
03 Khopat - Full On Experience
04 Poison Engineers - Twisted Number
05 Virgin Suicide - Rest Your Tears
06 Delysid vs Wicked Wires - Crawling Ghost
07 Electrypnose - Ornic (Sushupti Remix)
08 Sofiax vs Psychoz - Chicken Virus
09 Audiopathik - Pandemoniak
10 Psychoz - Dark
11 Virtual Light - Radeon Radio

DJ TROYAN takes you on a tour through the senses in what is a decidedly MEXICAN flavored taste of the culture and experience that you will have when you make the trip to this colorful and fun filled country. Hold on to your socks! You will rededine what it means to laugh and play in the mexican sun and under the sometimes scary moon! When you least expect it your mind will be extrated from your body in a painless procedure that was perfected by ALIENS and passed on to key DJs in the desert under the full moonlight. One of these DJs who posses this fabulous technique is none other than TROYAN! The Mad scientist of the mind has devised a some times sinister, often silly, and consitenly DEMENTED from begining to end. You will be hooked the minute you hear these tantalizing samples just waiting to warp your mind into finally, gratefully, dancing... enjoy!