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Various Artists - Greekedelia

Various Artists - Greekedelia
LabelNoize Conspiracy
Typecompilation, CD


01 Bionicle - Snow Time
02 Stranger - Arts From Mars
03 Orestis - Perturbation
04 Metallaxis - Chaotic
05 Claw - Ellines Eimaste
06 Kulu & Matutero - Secrets
07 Polyphonia - Soundforms
08 Cymazz - Old Mr Grim
09 Horror Place - Psyche & Delos

Noise Conspirancy a new established label in Cyprus after its remarkable first release hosting the split album of winter deamon and seroxat are back again with another strong release.A unique compilation featuring exclusive tracks from Greel producers which already have major releases on international and well establsied labels worldwideThe underground Greek Fuzzion is compiled by Dj Kulu and Claw!! Well known names and brilliant newcomers enter an acid alliance to deliver a fresh stomping compilation that reflects the Greek point of View for Underground Psychedelic Music... The 9 tracks, are inspired by the real meaning of underground Night Trance! Composed and produced by crazy - headz for crazy - mindz. This compilation guarantees to catch the breath of the listener. Fast , driving and kicking!!