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Various Artists - Greetings from Goa

Various Artists - Greetings from Goa
LabelLeguan Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Cosmosis - Key to the Innerverse
02 Astral Projection - Time Began with the Universe (Another Time Mix)
03 EDP - Spiritual Hallucination
04 Adrenalin Drum - Hard Er Dreams
05 Inscape - Atlantis
06 Orion - Cynabs
07 Astralasia - Four Moons
08 UX - Pure Intellect
09 Psyko Disko - Get Away
10 Hara Gobi - 303 Gold

01 Indica - After 6 A.M.
02 Kailash - Higher (Original Mix)
03 MFG - To Eternity
04 Miranda - Concorde
05 Deviant Electronics - Oxygen Cult
06 Nada - Abyss
07 Tromesa - Lot Ducha
08 Prana - Alien Pets
09 Framic - Status X

Inscape - Atlantis

'I know some of us has doubts about what we are about to do..... human beings, paraphs the world is in our hands.'

Taken from movie 'Outbreak'


Orion - Cynabs

'This direct contact from drug and receptor causes massive electrical activity.'

'There is increased electrical excitment of the 'go' area of the brain.'

UX - Pure Intellect

'Power of pure intellect.'

MFG - To Eternity

'Now you'll have to excuse me, captain. I have an appointment with eternity, and I don't want to be late.'

From 'Star Trek - Generations'

Star Trek VII - Generations

Deviant Electronics - Oxygen Cult

'Keep your eyes wide and blank, show no intrest or excitement'

'So much has been discovered these last few years that anything is possible'

Prana - Alien Pets

'The beginning of life'

'There is no final truth.'

From movie 'Altered States'

Altered States

Various Artists - Greetings from Goa: Front
Various Artists - Greetings from Goa: Back