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Various Artists - Groove Machines

Various Artists - Groove Machines
LabelSundrop Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Cabal - Fake Freedom
02 Dolex - Still Dreaming
03 Nerso - Closer And Closer
04 Woogie Boogie - Jump To The Future
05 True Anomaly - Cicatriz
06 Elytrik - The Begining
07 Green Groove Corporation - Shadows Of The Evening
08 Shroomhunters vs Vinayaka - Now And Forever
09 Cabal - Homework
10 Getafix - Grooving Symphonies

Groove is the main engine of the machine. Funky valves and progressive oil are making this VA even more smoother and dancable. Relieshing this VA is giving our world something new and fresh as the same time. Psychadelic sounds and grooving bassline donĀLt give soundsystem to breathe and everything is released loud to the ground.
Groove machines compilation is making people dance and smile all the way with their hands up high.
All 10 tracks are well and carefully chosen and we can decribe them by only two words: DANCEFLOOR KILLERS. Each track is made by itselve. Charming beats and pounding leads are controlling the disk.

The system is ON and working properly. Is everyone on board? Start the engines. With full speed ahead. Here we go!!!

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