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Various Artists - Guerreros Aztecas

Various Artists - Guerreros Aztecas
LabelBiomechanix Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Guerreros Aztecas


01 Undertaker - Basta De Hippismo
02 Arcek - Entangled Minds
03 Shadai vs T.D.R. - 6 Names
04 Tzolkin Project - Beekan
05 S.O.S. - Tun
06 The Galactic Brain - Los Aferrados
07 Kashyyyk - Eat Dust (Original)
08 Embryo - Sol
09 Xtraterrestre - Finds Your Minds
10 Kuuxum - Hard Work
11 Audiopathik - Brain Scratchier

They came from a very distant astral plane, travelling through light frequencies, living their mark in the history of this legendary place called Earth a little late.

These 11 warriors chosen by the highest spheres of the universe aimed to bring a great message to this world.

Created by divine energy, this race of the sound warriors had the privilege of sounding their futuristic instruments on the planet invoking their own vibrations to guide and raise awareness and spirit into a new way of life...

Various Artists - Guerreros Aztecas: Front