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Various Artists - H.O.T Zone: Compiled by The Papuna

Various Artists - H.O.T Zone: Compiled by The Papuna
LabelHeart Of Trance Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Wizzy Noise - R.I.P. Saki
02 Wizzy Noise - Behemoth (DNA Remix)
03 Dado - Africa (Wizzy Noise Remix)
04 Solar System - Cycle Of Life
05 Manibus - Hammerfall
06 Elec3 - The Glutch
07 Xerox & Illumination - Sun Burn
08 Secret Mind - Movement
09 Prosper - Nitro

The Papuna has been playing an active role in the global trance scene for over a decade. Successfully specializing in promoting artists and organizing musical events in Japan since 1996.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, since 2001, he formed TRANCE PROGRESSION RECORDS, along with his former partner Aoyama Sun, where he released two compilations, and organized & promoted a vast amount of parties all over Japan. He has worked side by side, and represented known acts such as: Slide, KoxBox, Xerox, Yahel (Prior to Trance progression), Wizzy Noise, Jaia, Cosmosis, HujaBoy, Boo-Reka, Platform, John Phantasm (Phantasm records), Mindfield, Shakta, Orion, Eskimo, Tegma, Astral Projection, Lish, PPS Project, Joti Sidhu, Time Lock, Johan Bley, Logic Bomb, Astrix, Alien Project, Visual Paradox, CPU (Trance progression era), Wizzy Noise, Joti Sidhu, Dado, Time Lock, Quantum, Lish, Tegma, Basic, Echotek, Liquid, Inner Action, Fractal Glider, Ozzy and loads more (Heart of Trance).

Heart of Trance was established in 2004 & is solely managed and owned by Amiad Kav, a.k.a. DJ The Papuna, with a goal to present fresh & aspiring new music.

V/A HOT CD is the first in a long line of expected releases and can be best described as a selection of mind enriching, soul fulfilling sounds, handpicked by The Papuna, whose years of expertise is profound and vividly visible. V/A HOT CD aims to trigger new emotions & present something which is new, fresh and above all long lasting, A Strong impact CD not written in the regular formula but something that stands out, excites & is highly energetic.

Various Artists - H.O.T Zone: Compiled by The Papuna: Front