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Various Artists - Hadravision

Various Artists - Hadravision
LabelHadra Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Koala - Hadravision


01 Koala - Trust On You
02 Mic - Vers luisant
03 Aes Dana - Chernozem Remix
04 Kick Bong - Voodoo Beach
05 Sea Side - Lost Woods
06 Adham Shaikh - Something Has Happened Remix
07 Sysyphe - Spellbound
08 Irina Mikhailova - Nicoya
09 Terra Nine - Tesla

Hadra Records is happy to introduce you "Hadravision" : first ambient compilation of the label selected by Mic(aka Nun) and Sysyphe, both Dj and ambient composers.

With the idea to gather various sensibilities in the same compilation such as Adham Shaikh, Irina Mikahailova, Aes Dana, Kick Bong and other appearing artists, Hadra suggests you this opus dedicated to a downtempo and ethnic ambient.

The spirit of this new release is to calm your days, wave after wave, color after color, track after track, variation of rhythm, sound poem, drawing and telling story, vision which is the sound reflection of ambient experience

Various Artists - Hadravision: Front