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Various Artists - Halu Beats

Various Artists - Halu Beats
LabelHalu Beats Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Kalumet - Halu Beats Volume 1


01 Deto - Native
02 Sensient - Square One
03 Minimal Criminal - Graverobbers From Outer Space
04 Kalumet - Bong
05 Tegma - A Night In Cairo (Kalumet Remix)
06 Kalumet - Time Killer
07 Ace Ventura - Rebirth (Adam Hohmann Remix)
08 Kino Oko - Pasyonata (Deto Remix)
09 Deto & Gleam - Deeper Ground
10 Justin Space & Ocelot - Dirty Appetite

Halu Beats, the new sub-label of Psylife Music was born to spread and promote psychedelic progressive sounds - with that original meaning of the word 'progressive'. Its first compilation is strong in futuristic remixes and interesting side-projects.

Masters of mixing dark and prog, Australian Sensient and Brazilian duo Minimal Criminal show their unique beats and alien atmospheres in 'Square One' and 'Graverobbers from Outer Space'. Moreover, the disc features remixes made of Ace Ventura-, Tegma- and Kino Oko-gems by the Halu Beats Triumvirate: Adam Hohmann (aka Para Halu), Deto and Kalumet, its highly recommended to watch out their future releases!

Adam is not the only artist on the compilation who used to be committed to fast and twisted psytrance but shows his talent in the slower side of trance this time: Ocelot from the USA prepared some catchy rhythms too, together with Finnish psytrance veteran Haltya aka Justin Space.

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