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Various Artists - Hardfloor

Various Artists - Hardfloor
Label3D Vision Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Hardfloor, compiled by Painkiller


01 Mad Netic - The Other Side
02 Azax Syndrom vs Tube - My November
03 Absolum - Astral Body Surfing V.02
04 Painkiller - Hardfloor
05 CPU vs Bliss - Sucsexful
06 Sirius Isness vs Painkiller - LFO By Nature
07 Painkiller vs Menog - Meditative State
08 Outer Signal - Groove Control
09 Concept - Entering The Dawn

After nearly a year spent in the recording studio, the French trance label 3D Vision is ready to explode back onto the worldwide psy-trance universe with its latest compilation, "Hardfloor"! Featuring nine tracks by both new and veteran artists and collaborations, Hardfloor contains a little bit for everyone, from full-on, face-melting dark psy to second-wind inspiring morning peak tracks, "Hardfloor" delivers the goods with a knowing wink and a smile. You can't go wrong when artists like Absolum and CPU have their say in the tracklisting, and high expectations are met with flair and vigor in this innovatively heart-pounding label venture. Not to mention 3D Vision's newer talent, such as Azax Syndrome, whose debut album is slated for release shortly, and Concept, who is destined to become a household name in the trance world, these names are to be taken seriously; judging from these tracks, there is worlds worth of potential in these artists. So strap on your seatbelts and space helmets... "Hardfloor" is a sure-fire dust kicker set to take you on a nonstop trip to the Crab Nebula!

Azax Syndrom vs Tube - My November

"Remember Remember The 5th Of November ... "

From the movie 'V for Vendetta'