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Various Artists - Healing Lights

Various Artists - Healing Lights
LabelSynergetic Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Dymons - Healing Lights


01 Flooting Grooves & Dymons feat. Irina Mikhailova - Magic Intro
02 Aioaska - Healing Shaman
03 Etic - Searching For The Same
04 Endorian - Endorian
05 Ovnimoon feat. Gaby - Into The Light
06 Zybex - Prismacolours
07 Protonica - Planet Gaia
08 Chromosome - Daydreaming
09 Jibreel & Endorian & Gaby - Malakat
10 Lucid Sound - Indivisible

Synergetic presents another special release: Healing Lights - compiled by DJane Gaby.

The main essence of this compilation is the strong collaboration between the artists involved and the compiler.

Djane Gaby from Slovenia has been playing since many years around the globe. We can read her name on the lineup of many big festivals and after this release there is no doubt that Gaby will be playing on some more major events. With the music she has chosen for Healing Lights Gaby wants to communicate the importance of Love, no matter how different we are.

Each track was composed specially for this project. The Compilation is a groovy to melodic psytrance journey featuring well known artists as Irina Mikhailova, Chromosome, Etic, Ovnimoon and Lucid Sound as well as new rising stars like Aioaska, Endorian, Zybex and Protonica - who all showed their Love by their tunes.

With Healing Lights a special music journey was brought together. The main idea was to connect emotional music from groovy to morning melodic psytrance. With Healing Lights Gaby proves that we can find lightful and loveful music in each music style. This special compilation was carefully and deeply created as a reminder of the true essence of our being - Love.

Various Artists - Healing Lights: Front