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Various Artists - Heat Seekers - Israeli Trance Allstars

Various Artists - Heat Seekers - Israeli Trance Allstars
LabelHOMmega Productions
Typecompilation, CD

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Astrix - Heat Seekers - Israeli Trance Allstars


01 Astrix - Dharma
02 Sub6 - D.T.N.F
03 Domestic vs Growling Machines - H. Attack
04 Infected Mushroom - 9%
05 Void - Comes Alive
06 Skazi - The light
07 Pixel & Wrecked Machines - Sem Parar
08 Cosma - People On Hold (PsySex Remix)
09 Astral Projection - Humans Will Play For Robots
10 Yahel - Memories

Heat Seekers is a rare chance for the die-hard fans out there to lay their hands on the finest and most groundbreaking tracks of this summer.  

Yes, it is summer out there in most parts of the world, and HOMmega's main man Eyal Yankovich has been working hard at the HOMmega labs.  It took couple of months to gather what is considered as one of the extremely "most wanted" track list at the moment.
Heat Seekers showcases HOMmega's sound superiority and authenticity, every recording appears in this compilation is brand new, and were hand picked by label founder DJ Eyal Yankovich. Eyal mentions, "This compilation is another new experience for me, apart from the two main lines of compilations in HOMmega, that's my very own audio missiles and I wanted it to include the best names and tracks in the scene".
The track list speaks for itself - Astrix, the prince of Trance, returns with the fresh "Dharma"; Sub6 with the stomping "D.T.N.F" ; Domestic teams up with Growling Machines for a smashing techno blaster; the masters Infected Mushroom finally release here their massive "9%";  Void's oriental touch "comes alive"; Skazi's heavy riffs show "The light"; Pixel & Wrecked Machines keep blasting forever with "Sem parar"; PsySex's breathtaking remix for Cosma's (r.i.p) "People on hold"; and onto the more melodic sides of pure form of Trance in the compilation featured by Astral Projection & Yahel.
"I wanted to create a unique view to the Israeli scene", says Eyal Yankovich, "its authentic sound and pure dancefloor mayhem are something that can't be found anywhere, so to fulfill such a vision I had to gather the best of the best, and it has been quite a long time since you had all these major players in one compilation."

Various Artists - Heat Seekers - Israeli Trance Allstars: Front