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Various Artists - High Definition Edition

Various Artists - High Definition Edition
LabelAgitato Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Cyber Cartel - High Definition Edition Vol 1


01 Bamboo Forest - Modeled waveform synthesis
02 Space Buddha - Silent Galaxy
03 Wizzy Noise - Origami Remix
04 Space Cat - Shake & Freeze
05 Cyber Cartel - Space Embargo
06 Eskimo vs Cosmosis - Something Wrong
07 Toast3d - The Creator
08 Beat Hackers - Audio Pool
09 Bio Tonic - Cosmovision

In order to visualize the vital power behind the scene during the years we are presenting the High Definition edition compilation which splashes with dominant highlights from all-time elite masters of creation.
High Definition edition is the ultimate trancer's guide to the party galaxy, the only formula for the dance floors & the taste of prodigy.
This V/A includes tunes from Eskimo, Cosmosis, Space Buddha, Bamboo forest, Beat Hackers, Space Cat & more.

High Definition edition is the sharpest view thru time & space.