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Various Artists - High Technology Minds

Various Artists - High Technology Minds
LabelSpectral Moon
Typecompilation, CD


01 Slug - Spectral Illusion
02 Shift - Android Baby
03 Wizard Lizard - Spectral Lizard
04 Psychotic Micro vs Nexus - Spectral Family
05 Seroxat - Spectral Offer
06 Psychotic Demon - Imperial Moon
07 Tube - Spectral Distortion
08 Matter of Beat - Spectral Brothers
09 Toxic - Android Of The Moon
10 HYT - Spectral Jungle

Some serious music here. This is the stuff dance floors are made of and destroyed by.

Presenting the latest compilation by DJ ANDROID from Brazil. This selection of tunes is a slamming ride through a psychedelic pressure cooker of sound. Textures and tweaks, to blasting high hats and beats. It's a massive line-up of names form Israel, brazil and south Africa: Seroxat, Shift, Tube, Winter Demon, Slug, Psychotic Micro, Toxic, Wizard Lizard, HYT, MOB

Various Artists - High Technology Minds: Front