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Various Artists - High Times 1

Various Artists - High Times 1
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Neelix - Coloured Light
02 Sun Control Species - Logical Level
03 B-Wicked - Quantized
04 Magoon - Laserbeam 17
05 Talamasca - Groovy Pygmees Part 1 (Tikal Remix)
06 Protoculture - Out Of Reality
07 U-Recken - Plastic
08 Laughing Buddha - Lightning Games
09 Domestic & X-Noize - Flaming Dart
10 Basic - In Flames

01 Galactika vs Rocky - Global Air
02 Sesto Sento vs Apocalypse - Trance In Motion
03 Xerox & Illumination - Turbulence
04 Illumination vs DJ Ziki - Who We Are
05 Astrix - Techno Widdows (GMS Remix)
06 X-Noize - Rock It (Psy Craft Remix)
07 Vibe Tribe - Sperminator (X-Noize Remix)
08 Cosmic Tone - I Volume
09 Silent Sphere - Dreamcatcher
10 Magoon vs Tulk - Taschentuch

It's new, its's awesome, it's on YSE!

This fantastic, brand new compilation is the celebration of 15 years in the Goa Trance business of the two top heads Alexander Ligowski (Millennium Records) and DJ Bim (Midijum Records). Not only have they released more than 100 compilations world-wide, they also toured the world and played every festival and Club you can imagine!

High Times collects their personal favourites from the year 2006/07. In this joint effort you can only expect the best of the best and a concept embracing progressive Trance and full on Goa Trance.

Get on the ride with Astrix, Xerox and Illumination, X-noiZe, Talamasca, Neelix, Suncontrolledspecies as well as shooting Star Magoon and many more top class Artists!

Various Artists - High Times 1: Front