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Various Artists - Highway 420

Various Artists - Highway 420
Typecompilation, CD

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Clone - Highway 420


01 The Loomii - Disoriental
02 Vectro Electro - Potheadz
03 Clone - Green Fantasy
04 Twisted Reaction - Roll It
05 Phoenix Family - Chronictonic
06 Naked Tourist - Cali Weed
07 Earthling vs Phoenix Family - Killer Dose (Chromatone Remix)
08 Megadrop - Vaporwhere?
09 EVP - Tollfree
10 Shapestatic - Okie From Muskogee (Remix)

High-way 420 is a special theme album the likes of which have never been done before. The clarity and purpose behind this milestone achievement are unmistakable! Doctor spook has compiled a specialized dose of medicine so potent that you will find yourself reaching for its special effects time after time, even to be described as psychologically addicting. Be warned users will find that they may start relying on this prescription on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. Each variety of the doctors special blend promises to deliver the goods in its unique and pungent way. 9 unreleased new crops from fresh and veteran masters alike from around the world and one super special remix of the perennial and timely hit - killer dope. So exhale your worries and take a deep hit of this supremely killer bounty...Mentioned in the bible (and other pre biblical texts) are references to an ancient group of four (4) and twenty (20) elders who guarded the gates of enlightenment and possessed the holy sacrament that was said to be their key to these divine gates. This should clear up any confusion as to the 420 reference other than the now widely popular code for the use of the herbal medicine.