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Various Artists - Holy Mushroom

Various Artists - Holy Mushroom
LabelHigh Society Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Planet B.E.N. - Non-Sense
02 Morphem - Montage (Unreleased mix)
03 Microdome - Clear Hallucination
04 Mama Indica - Radioactive Rain
05 Four Carry Nuts - Nuts without Sugar
06 Ushuaya - Ushuaya
07 Infrarot - Que Animal (Mammouth Remix)
08 Proton - Get consious, find out, serach deep
09 Temple of Ellora - Shanti Rum

01 Four Carry Nuts - Weird Egg
02 Etnica - Spheric Koncept
03 Evolution - 5th Dimensional Craft
04 Metacosm - Angstman
05 Paradise Connection - Adic 3
06 Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Gates of Karma
07 Kind Of Intelligence - Eurith
08 Astrological - Delos
09 Hara Gobi - The Real Trance
10 Kinder der Erde - Spacidy

Mama Indica - Radioactive Rain

'Breathing in the fine, fresh air. Tasting the radioactive rain'

Four Carry Nuts - Nuts Without Sugar

'Energy from its brain, caught by sound waves, converted to electric inmpulses, and finaly ...'

Evolution - 5th Dimensional Craft

'It was like the whole object was glowing with bright light. But it didnt make a sound, it was no sound coming from it what so ever. And one of those thing was the introduction of a new unexpected technological development. So now the UFO's represent exactly that.'

'This was a crash in the object were small bodies. They were small grey creatures, with large heads.'

Kinder der Erde - Spacidy

'In the begining there was darkness,
And the darkness was without form, and void.
And in the addition to the darkness there was also me,
And I moved upon the face of darkness,
And I saw that I was alone,
Let there be light.'

Various Artists - Holy Mushroom: Front
Various Artists - Holy Mushroom: Back
Various Artists - Holy Mushroom: Back 2
Various Artists - Holy Mushroom: Inside
Various Artists - Holy Mushroom: Inside 2
Various Artists - Holy Mushroom: CD
Various Artists - Holy Mushroom: CD 2