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Various Artists - Hungry 4 Hungary

Various Artists - Hungry 4 Hungary
LabelPsybaba Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Intro - Hungry Czardas Queen
02 Para Halu - Mind Scapes
03 Trippyhippies - Fish Soup
04 Irgum3urgum - Negative Stocks
05 Liquid Spoon - Darkside Of The Spoon
06 Venom Sense - Maniac Player
07 Haunted Castle - Serceg├ęs
08 Nasca - Out Of This World
09 Chemical Spoon - Paradrome
10 Trippyhippies - I'm Fine
11 King Jr. - Tesco Bass
12 Outro - Hungry Dance

The Budapest based label was born to show to the scene the Hungarian sounds of psychedelic music. Here are some very talented artists; most of their ways were followed by the label from the beginning on. After years of paying attention on them the Psybaba Crew felt that now it's the time to collect some of their work on a CD which will be a very interesting experience for all people who are hungry for the deep night-time psychedelica. Most of the labels friends from different countries say: "Hungarians are crazy!!" so this is what you can expect from this almost 80 minutes journey. Welcome! Enjoy the sounds of the hungry Hungarian baba power!

Various Artists - Hungry 4 Hungary: Front