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Various Artists - Hypercore

Various Artists - Hypercore
LabelCatalyst Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Shatzi - Rythm Machine (Time Lock Remix)
02 Tactical Strike vs Interactive - Your Mind Will Take You Places
03 Ferbi Boys - Robboblitz
04 V-Storm - Datura Tea
05 E-jekt - MagicLOUD
06 Cycle Sphere - Breaking The Habit
07 Zombie Child - Puppet Master
08 Anti Gravity & Lamat - The Hypercore (Final Remix)
09 PTX - High School

To Catalyze is to modify, especially to increase, the rate of a chemical reaction where the active agent, or Catalyst, remains unchanged and uncorrupted. This is the core principal behind Catalyst Records. In this case, Music is the Catalyst and it increases the rate of chemical reactions within us and our surroundings. Music = Art = Evolution.

Catalyst Records is created in the year 2005 by well established Mexican Dj`s Dende and Triton. After many years of active participation in the Mexican Trance scene, Dende and Triton decide to create a new label with an innovative and different focus.

After taking part in organizing some of the most important trance parties in Mexico such as the Tierra Magica saga and many others, and the creation of two prior compilations for Psyclon Records, Catalyst Records is ready to release its first project Hypercore.

Hypercore is an intense journey into the groundbreaking tendencies of Fullon Psytrance. The final goal was to create a global conceptualization around the release that associates the music and art work harmoniously to create a concise idea. We firmly believe that a CD is a multi-faceted work of art and needs to be created and treated as such. Hypercore is psychedelic trance at its finest. Putting together already well know producers that are rocking dancefloors worldwide along with blasting newcomers makes this album a must have for all trance lovers and djs. Prepare your ears for the Hypercore experience.

Various Artists - Hypercore: Front