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Various Artists - Hyperdelic Pill

Various Artists - Hyperdelic Pill
LabelHypergate Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Sidhartha - Hyperdelic Pill


01 Ignition - Voltage Control
02 Random vs Intergalactoid - 88 Mph
03 Phonic Request vs Terraformers - Le Chantier
04 Spector - Basin City
05 Myrah - Dirty Dancing
06 Exodus - Spiritual Dimension
07 Klacid - Mushroom Men
08 Vibraddict & Sycmos - The Rules
09 Alienn - Hyperdelic
10 Hexagnum - Incaplusated Community

Hypergate Records carefully prescribes you the label new composite - Hyperdelic Pill / Compiled by Sidhartha.

This release aims to support a new breed of Hypergate Records artists, representing the label style and mood fullon / psy trance and its dedicated to all party people around the globe. Featuring fresh new talents and well known established artists we bring you a new composite that will lift you into hyper cosmos.

This remedy is fully crafted by serious chemistries and engineers to give you full happyness and delight... Just overdose it!!!

Various Artists - Hyperdelic Pill: Front