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Various Artists - Hypernova

Various Artists - Hypernova
LabelSpun Records
Typecompilation, CD

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GMS - Hypernova


01 GMS vs Wrecked Machines - Growling Machines
02 Exaile - Flower
03 Wizzy Noise - Super Super Vitamin (Multi Vitamin Remix)
04 Astrix - Eye To Eye (GMS Remix)
05 Void - 3rd Dimension
06 Wrecked Machines - Life Moves Fast
07 Bushman - Jitterbug
08 Vatos Locos vs Altom - Valtom
09 GMS - Beetlejuice

Vatos Locos vs Altom - Valtom

'You must be ready to accept the possibility that there is an infinite range of awareness´s for which we now have no words.'

'The goal of this trip is to move outside the boundaries of normal perception and consciousness...'

Various Artists - Hypernova: Front