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Various Artists - Hypersenses

Various Artists - Hypersenses
LabelPsypneumatix Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Bionic Empire - Big Bang
02 Bionic Empire - Pineapple Vitamins
03 Buffer Zone - Hypersenses
04 Syzmix - Passion
05 Syzmix - Brace Yourself
06 Syzmix - Light Side Of Heavy
07 Decibel - Delinquent Decibel
08 Psyboriginal - No Pussy
09 Terrafractyl - Fragile

Hypersenses is the essence of the PsyPneumatix sound. Featuring 3 projects from label founder Syzmix, you can expect a perfect blend of funk, melody and drive perfect for the sunrise set. With each track consisting of something for every one, Hypersenses is a CD that will be listened to for years to come with tracks that will be popular on the dance floor for just as long.

Various Artists - Hypersenses: Front