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Various Artists - Hypnotic Vibration

Various Artists - Hypnotic Vibration
Typecompilation, CD


01 Terminator - Tetsy Prepy
02 Osom - Zealot
03 Strangers - Metalbones
04 Highko - Magic Shit
05 Abandoned Noise - Drug Lord
06 Fungus Funk - Two Yellow Eyes
07 Innersound - Frenic
08 Dominator - Twisted Nerv
09 Gainreduction - Kras Kras

Goamantra was born after years of maturation and experience in the Goa trance scene by Goapablo.

Following his first successful compilation 'light in the dark' Dj Paolo comes back with another powerful compilation called 'hypnotic vibration' and herewith he has the wish to keep the high principal of the oriental like Krishna or the Tribal African Tribe in the music that never break the rhythm or the sound.