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Various Artists - iDrop

Various Artists - iDrop
LabelH2O Records
Typecompilation, CD

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QUADRA - Idrop


01 H2O Team - I Dose
02 Space Cat vs Pixel - Clear Test Signal
03 Save The Robot - I Am A Robot
04 Shanti - Proton Pump
05 Quadra - L.S.D Came Falling Down
06 Dynamic - When You Remix
07 Alien Project vs Sirius Isness - Fusic
08 Dual Core - Synergy
09 Orion - Surreal Expansion
10 Space Cat - Kreak Part 2

Lately, there has been a marked absence of truly succulent sonic fruits cultivated in the Trance Garden of Eden. Why this is so, remains a mystery.........? However, all is not lost....deliverance is at hand! Just when you thought that things had dried up for good...refreshment has arrived! The Rain of Blessings are about to fall and revitalize this parched trance desert. A Trance-figuration is imminent and once again we will all be able to bathe in the bliss of beautiful music, brought from the Heavens to quench our thirsty souls. H20, the newly arrived, Israel based, Record Label will be prompting this Resurrection. The just birthed brainchild of Ari Linker (the mighty Alien Project), this is going to be an adventure into the cutting-edge sound of NOW, so that we might glimpse the FUTURE! Ari has joined forces with the indomitable Space cat (Avi Algranati) and the superlative Quadra (Ido Liran). In essence, what we have here is a Holy Trinity of top trance talent, whose aims are reinvigorate a scene which seems more static than psychedelic.Space cat and Quadra provide the two parts Hydrogen, while Alien Project is the one part Oxygen which, combined, will breathe life back into the bodies of all who love to dance. H20 ~Water ~`the essence of Life'...that which nourishes and brings sustenance to all. Just as music is fundamental for the flourishing of our happiness and joy. At last, all those who thirst for fantastic tunes will be rewarded... not a moment too soon. "iDrop" marks the maiden voyage for the water boys' at H20 and is a debut compilation album of great beauty, featuring ten sensational tracks from some of the foremost recording artistes of the genre. Every tune on the menu here is designed to make your mouth water, to excite and delight you with a feast of fun! So drink deeply my friends... and enjoy... the wizardry of Alien Project, the brilliance of Space cat, and the mastery of Quadra. They have come together as The H20 Team to kick off the proceedings with a tune called "iDose". Next comes Space cat Vs Pixel with "Clear Test Signal" and then the simply fantastic Save The Robot roclaim that "I Am a Robot" while Shanti is hot on their heels with his deadly "Proton Pump". Quadra is on the case too with "L.S.D. Came Falling Down"~ a tune which, in it's essence, will be familiar to all. Dynamic tells it like it is with "When You Mix..." and onto track 7 for more great "Fusic" from the Alien Vs Sirius Isness while an up-and-coming act from Israel called Dual Core brings us an experience of "Synergy". To round things off, a "Surreal Expansion" is promised from the stellar Orion, and for the climactic finale we are treated to a new mix of the classic cut from Spacecat, the timeless "Kreak".Wow! What a stunner this is set to be! And this is just to whet your appetite...once you've had your first taste, you'll be crying out for more... but don't worry, it's just be groovy while you wait. Replenishment is on the way with the much anticipated release of Alien Project's super sonic new album, which is called Activation Portal, and will be the second release for H2O so get ready for activation! You can expect more releases from all the artists featured on "iDrop"... Space cat is soon to release his new and long-awaited album. Then we got Save The Robot, Alien Vs The Cat ~The Remixes, and of course the excellent Quadra will also be there shortly. This is just the beginning...the best is yet to stay tuned, as the Oasis of Trance is rejuvenated with cooling waters, from our fine friends at H20!

Space Cat vs Pixel - Clear Test Signal

this is a test of frequency instruments
base, drums, distortion, artifacts

test number 1: low frequency distortion, clean trance signal - fourty (40) hertz

test number 2: signed band effect - fourty and one hundred eighty five (40185) Hertz

test number 3: wide band test, twenty and fifty (2050) Hertz plus white noise

Various Artists - iDrop: Front