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Various Artists - Ignition Sequence

Various Artists - Ignition Sequence
LabelPhar Psyde Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Psyclones - Ignition Sequence


01 Psyclone - Why Would Ant Not Want Cake?
02 Flip Flop - In-Exs
03 Intense In Sense - Nag Chomper
04 Electric Mirror - Duality
05 Psymmetrix - Chez La Pharmacien
06 Phyx - Digital Dragon
07 Black Cadillac - Showtime
08 Cake - Wow N' Flutter
09 Subliminal System - Trojan

The long awaited debut album from Phar Psyde records has finally arrived for your aural pleasures and delights. A concept label that has emerged from the UK underground party scene brings you the untold story of the countries freshest underground dance acts that are set to ignite the psychedelic scene.

This album launches both DJ's and dance floors into an assault of finely honed grooves, beats and tweaks that will twist any eardrums into pure pleasurable delights as the crew guild you through a sonic assault from the upfront to the Phar Psyde of sound, possibility and imagination.

Various Artists - Ignition Sequence: Front