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Various Artists - In Lak' esh

Various Artists - In Lak' esh
LabelShivlink Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Intersys - Emotzia
02 Electro Sun - Faded Memories (White Noize Remix)
03 System Failure - All Good
04 Silent Scream vs Toxical - Sawarama (Final Mix)
05 Ultravoice vs Michele Adamson - Kitschy Woman
06 Mahamudra - Victory
07 Ananda Shake - Make Me Shake (Ananda Shake Remix)
08 Virtual Moon - Quantum Sound
09 Brain Damage - Overflow
10 Analog Pussy - Psycho Panko (Indra Remix)

Established in New Delhi, India. Shivlink has its presence in world of psychedelic trance from last two years as an event organization. Shivlink primarily specializes in organizing psychedelic trance parties in India focusing on full on music.

Shivlink, one of the pioneers and best organizers of full on psytrance parties in India from last two years, now with all their experience and knowledge launch their own record label with a mission to release full on music of the best known artists across the globe to provide you ultimate trance dance experience.

A Full on psy trance compilation, comprising of alpha producing melodies which takes you to higher dimensions where you experience the unborn, uncreated and not manifested reality and participate in the cosmic dance of creation. To make you experience such realms, each track is carefully selected not disturbing the vibe and the magical flow.

You are sure in for the magnificent psychedelic journey with the guarantee of infinite mystical, spiritual and higher experiences. 'In lak'esh' welcomes you to the non local domain of the trinity of existence where one realizes that, there is No 'other'.

All is ONE. In Lak'Esh is a selection of full on psy trance tracks compiled by Dj Nick of ShivLink Records.

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