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Various Artists - In Your Mind EP

Various Artists - In Your Mind EP
LabelVertigo Records
Typesingle, vinyl


01 Ocelot - Wide open (Vinyl Version)
02 Ocelot - Oh Yeah (Vinyl Version)
03 Trold - Ganesha Tune

his is an important milestone in the history of russian psytrance: Vertigo Records released its first 12'' EP compilation! Vinyl still alive and still rulezz!

We are really proud to present this EP, because vinyl almost disappeared from psytrance scene nowadays. Especially with such unusual music as Ocelot or Trold makes.

This compilation definitely will be a diamond in collection of every psy-trance vinyl hunter. For sure!

Two marvelous tracks from last Ocelot's album in a special vinyl version and a fresh blaster "Ganesha Tune" made by Trold - norvegian psy-wizards Bjorn Opheim and Stein Skjoldal will not leave nobody indifferent.

Put this EP on and you will immediately feel "Vertigo in your mind"! Digital psy-era goes to the roots and meets classic style of recording. Old-school format with modern psychedelic sound. Enjoy!

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