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Various Artists - Infernal Intuition

Various Artists - Infernal Intuition
LabelInsomnia Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Infernal Intuition


01 Alien Mental - Reflex Effect
02 Attoya - Coming Sykodelic Energy
03 Technical Hitch - Deffective Remix
04 Ocelot - Princess Soup
05 Savage Scream - Midnight Temple
06 Digitalist vs Electrypnose - Imaginers
07 Hallucinogenic Horses - Knirkmalirk
08 Technical Hitch - Mechanical Version Of Me
09 Bodhisattva 13:20 - Dripping Moss
10 Troglodytes - Post Confusion

"Infernal Intuition" is a next V/A by notorious Insomnia records compiled by label resident dj Metalgear from Moscow. This time it's collection of extremely psychedelic, pumping and futuristic tracks by some newcomers and already well-known artists. With "Infernal Intuition" they bring to trance audience a taste of upcoming Insomnia music and are presenting the projects who are going to make their albums at Insomnia Rec. - Alien Mental, Hallucinogenic Horses, Technical Hitch and Troglodytes. This compilation is inspired by underground parties and crazy forest trips which finally had changed their lives and opened third eyes for weird fractal world beyond the reality. We trust our intuition! This guys gonna definitely rock the trancefloors all over the globe in the next years!